Custom Spice Blending, Packaging & Filling

  • Published on: 04-12-19
  • Category: Hobi
  • Location: Singapura
  • Price: MYR0.00
Custom Spice Blending, Packaging & Filling



Private Label Restaurants (PLR) specializes in producing quality products for our customers at a low-run quantity. Co-packing is used by restaurants, gourmet stores, manufacturers, supermarket chains, and many others. Co-packing can provide a low-cost way or to produce new products and packaging that can help you to stay competitive in the marketplace of today. PLR co-packaging capacities provide great and affordable offerings for expanding existing brands, or launching new brands and offering a wide variety of flavor profiles. We co-pack products to your required specifications. We offer custom formulation, private labeling options, with a knowledgeable and friendly customer service staff.


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